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We, Seth Industrial Corporation (SIC) anchored as one of the leading manufacturer since 1964 under flagship brand “NEELAM”, are fuelled by dedicated formidable fleet of machinery, team of engineers, well equipped quality control system and dedicated dealer network.

I am pleased that SIC strengthened its business through strategic foresight and rigorous implementation, a befitting honor on its 50th Anniversary.

Our range of bicycles- spares- rickshaw kits are like little pampered children. They have been cared for, corrected and moulded by obsessed engineers. We have lived and breathed these bicycles, day in and day out. Just to make them completely flawless.

And when a “NEELAM” cycles comes to you, then you will know exactly what we are talking about. Because each and every cycle has been crafted out of a passion and perfection. We embarked on decisive initiatives which resulted in a rationalization of plant operations, improvement in manufacturing processes and a strong focus on quality and services. These initiatives helped us meet the increased demand from our customers, all of which led to a significant profit increase.

SIC’s agile and energetic team, with a unique blend of youth and experience ably led by our Directors Mr. Rajesh Seth and Mr. Raman Seth, is well positioned to address the current business and future opportunities. I thank them for their decisions & diligence and encourage them towards greater achievement in the future.

We invest quality products to earn endless growth.

With regards

K.K. Seth