Who we are

“Quality is our most important mission”

We, Seth Industrial Corporation a partnership firm in manufacturing of complete bicycles since 1964 under flagship brand “NEELAM” has created and perfected every new cycle category for every age group starting from 5 years (in sizes 14T, 16T, 18T, 20T, 24T and 26T) & class of society in the country. We are also known for our 80% market share today and leader in Rickshaw Kits segment.
SIC proudly registered “NEELAM” trademark in the year 1967 as manufacturer. The trademark “NEELAM” is priceless and a key element for success, reliability, quality and adherence to business ethics in the full sense of the term.
With the trademark SIC not only held separate identity but also enhanced the shine and glory of its emblem by developing various successful models of Bicycles & Rickshaw Kits. We are a ISO 9001:2015 certified company by Intertek, UK.
SIC today is untouchable among the MSME sector with an annual turnover of more than 200 crores, which is really a wonder entity when seen from the level of achievements over the level of investment. SIC has production capacity for 15 lakhs Bicycles per annum. The energy of SIC can be felt nationwide, thanks to network of 500 primary dealers and 10000 secondary dealers.


SIC not only achieved a level of success across the length and breadth of country but also tested international waters through exports indirectly spread over almost all continents (with also registered Trade Mark “NEELAM” in China, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Bangladesh) etc.

Since 2017, we have entered in the venture of E-Rickshaw/E-Loader/E-Auto/E-Scooter/E-Cycle which are a non-polluting, noise free and eco-friendly means of transport. We have got I Cat (International Centre for Automotive Technology-A Division of NATRIP Implementation Society (NATIS), Govt. of India) approval for these vehicles. Our E-vehicles are great in demand in the market which is increasing day by day.
As a contribution to the green environment, these battery operated E-Rickshaws are developed all in-house and are 100% eco-friendly with a zero pollution mission drive and last mile connectivity. It is a means of good livelihood for the common as well as illiterate people. Just not that’s IT! We are also anchored as the only largest in-house manufacturer of eight major Bicycle parts on count with the fervor and optimism for keeping at bay any Chinese part to make the bicycle functional. We have valid BIS certifications for Bicycle Frame – Fork – Mudguard and Chain.

Who choose us

We have synergy of latest technology, well equipped machinery and ultra-modern laboratory with a team of highly qualified engineers to thoroughly check the raw material used for manufacturing of various parts. We have adopted innovation as the central driver for implementing its strategy and achieving growth by a R & D function. We have a team of skilled manpower, technicians, engineers, designers and quality inspectors to provide you the best services and products.
We have the plants Glydo for nickel plating, Disc plant made in Taiwan for painting and fine finish, German Linde plant for manufacturing of chain (13000 chains per day) and assemblies of chain are made with Taiwanese Mass Plants.
A Total Quality Management approach has ensured a satisfied community of customers with “NEELAM” as the preferred brand in all the markets. The success is because of our dealer fraternity, business partners and vendors for their continued co-operation and support. The employees and work force of the company are a great source of strength. The journey thus far is possible with their dedicated service in building a stronger “NEELAM” brand.
SIC foundation rest upon four pillars of Transparency – Full disclosure – Independent monitoring and Fairness to all.